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Clipster FAQ

We understand that you might have a question about Clipster. Maybe something about payment, maybe about editing. We think our FAQ provides almost all the answers to your questions. If your question still isn't answered after reading the FAQ, let us know by using this form.



What is Clipster?
How does it work exactly?
Where can I find the terms of use?
Where can I find the privacy policy?
Do I need to make a page first in Facebook?
How can I create a page on Facebook?
How do I add the app to my page?
I think I just found a bug.
My question still isn’t answered, what now?
I just got a 'Facebook error'. What do I do?

Make my page popular

How can I share a video?
Can my fans comment on my videos?
Can my fans share one of my videos?
Does Clipster integrate into the Timeline?

Edit page

I want to edit my page, where to start?
I want to add or remove a video?
I want to search for a video first, is that possible?
When and how can I add categories?
I want to add or change my background image?
How and when can I change my background color?
How can I change the title for a video?
I added the wrong video, can I delete it?
Is there a limit in terms of adding videos?
How do I remove Clipster from my Facebook page?
Can I change the "Powerd by Clipster" image on my Facebook page?
Why do I get an error while editing my page?