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About Clipster


  • It's completely free
  • Search and add YouTube & Vimeo videos
  • Easy video management with categories
  • Customize and brand your channel
  • Share with fans and friends
  • Fan gate option
  • Automatic Youtube playlist import
  • Did we mention it's free?

Create a FREE custom video channel for your facebook page!

Clipster is a unique app to create a custom video channel for your Facebook Fan page. It is fun, easy to manage and fully customizable.

Clipster is the latest essential app that helps to make your Facebook Fan page sticky, promote engagement, while keeping the look and feel consistent with your brand.




Search and add YouTube and Vimeo videos

Simply search through Clipster for your YouTube or Vimeo videos and add them to your channel. Video management has been made easy thanks to handy categories and drag & drop options to place the videos in any order you like.

Customize your player

The best part is that Clipster gives you the tools to completely customize and brand your video channel. Not only can you change fonts, text colors and text size. You can also change the color of your video player and customize the big background image to maintain the integrity of the page and to create the recognizable look and feel of your brand.


Mobile support

What makes Clipster even more unique is that your fans can also enjoy Clipster - and thus your videos - on their mobile device. Not just their PC or tablet.


Share with fans and friends

Engaged fans help spread your message within their social network. As they do, posts gain credibility and expand reach.

Clipster helps you to engage with your fans and spread your message by making it possible for fans to share and comment on your Facebook videos.


And it's 100% FREE

What does it cost? Absolutely nothing. Clipster is completely free!